S.S. Republic Shipwreck Triple Coin Set (NGC graded)

The Triple coin set three of these salvaged coins inside a very high quality presentation box. There is also a booklet explaining more about the coins and shipwreck, together with Certificates of Authentication for each serialised coin. The coins are 'slabbed', with NGC grading information and identification shown.


1840 – 1865
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Project Overview

The SS Republic* was a Civil War-era side-wheel steamship that sank in 1865 while carrying a large cargo of silver and gold coins and a stunning variety of everyday wares essential to life in mid-19th century America. It was discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2003. En route from New York to New Orleans with passengers and commercial cargo, the SS Republic was lost in a violent hurricane on October 25, 1865. The passengers and crew escaped from the sinking ship, yet a fortune in coins and much needed cargo to help rebuild New Orleans’ post-Civil War economy sank to the bottom of the Atlantic seabed 1,700 feet (518 meters) deep. Nearly 140 years later, Odyssey discovered the shipwreck of the Republic approximately 100 miles off the Georgia coast. The archaeological excavation conducted during the 2003-2004 excavation seasons was accomplished entirely through the use of advanced robotics and cutting-edge technologies and was the first of its kind ever performed at such depths.

Over 51,000 U.S. gold and silver coins were recovered from the Republic wreck site, as well as over 14,000 artifacts – a fascinating assortment of 19th century goods in use during the Civil War years. In addition to the wealth of knowledge gained from the Republic shipwreck project, the success of the archaeological excavation has set a precedent for achieving the highest archaeological standards essential to the emerging field of deep-water shipwreck exploration and recovery. Odyssey’s discovery and archaeological excavation of the SS Republic was the subject of a National Geographic one-hour special entitled “Civil War Gold” which aired nationally on PBS; an episode of “National Geographic: Ultimate Explorer”; National Geographic Magazine’s September 2004 issue; two books “Lost Gold of the Republic” and “Bottles from the Deep”; and numerous television, newspaper and magazine stories.

*SS Republic is a registered trademark of Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.


Shortly after beginning the archaeological excavation in November 2003, a substantial number of gold coins was discovered at the stern of the ship, near the ship’s rudder. Using Odyssey Marine Exploration’s proprietary Sediment Removal and Filtration (SeRF) system on the ROV ZEUS, sand was carefully removed from the site, revealing a dazzling carpet of gold hidden on the ocean floor for nearly 140 years. More than 51,000 gold and silver coins were recovered from the seabed, including numerous $20.00 Double Eagles, $10.00 Eagles, silver half dollars and even a few silver quarter dollars each coin individually retrieved by the silicone limpet device attached to the ROV’s manipulator arm. All of the coins have been professionally conserved by Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

Unlike other recently salvaged shipwrecks, a wide variety of dates and mints ranging from the 1840’s to 1865 have been documented in this remarkable hoard including many of the finest-known examples of United States gold and silver coins from the period and highly collectable today. In addition to its extraordinary cargo of gold coins, the SS Republic’s treasure yielded some exceptionally unique silver half dollars and provided an unprecedented opportunity for numismatic research. In 1861, three different governments (the United States Government, the Louisiana government and the Confederacy) had control of the New Orleans Mint and struck silver half dollars there.

Due to the large number of 1861-O Liberty Seated half dollars found on the SS Republic, coin experts were finally able to determine which coins were minted by each government by analyzing the subtle variations caused by the use of different dies. This research was published in the Gobrecht Journal in November 2006 and for the first time ever has allowed 1861-O Seated Liberty half dollars to be certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation as being minted by each of the three governments operating in Louisiana in 1861. After thorough documentation and reserving a representative sample for the permanent collection, Odyssey has made these historic coins available to collectors as individual coins or in a set representing all three minting governments in the New Orleans Mint Three Government Set. A full set of 1861-O half dollars containing all 17 die variations is currently on display with 28 other rare coins from the SS Republic at the Louisiana State Museum located in the old U.S. Mint where the coins were originally minted.

Also aboard the Republic were stunningly preserved silver half dollars struck in the North by the U.S. Philadelphia Mint. These were found on the wreck site laying side by side with equally remarkable silver halves struck in the South’s New Orleans Mint. Together they symbolise the mighty struggle that divided the country in 1865, and today they make up an impressive Civil War Blue & Gray 1861 Half-Dollar Collection. Of the many historic coins recovered from the shipwreck of the SS Republic, none captures the imagination more than the mystery-shrouded Civil War Coin, an 1858 silver half dollar minted in New Orleans and hand-inscribed with the word “WAR” and “1861” on the front of the coin and “EC” perhaps someone’s initials on the reverse. Who was “EC”? A soldier for the South? Or a Yankee from the North? Was this a talisman or pocket piece carried in battle? Or was it a political or news commentary slipped into circulation?

A limited number of authentic gold and silver coins from the SS Republic are currently available to collectors.  Rosland has secured a limited number of these coin sets.

YouTube video SS Republic Ship, Shipwreck Treasure Hoard Discovery, Civil War Era Gold & Silver Coins Recovery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcyH0H0ggtA

The size and color reproduction of the coins shown do not correspond to the actual coins.